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Hi moms.  I thought today was an appropriate day to have Angela Henderson, one of our Moms on Mission fans write a guest blog.  What an amazing story.  Please pray for Angela and other military families and remember how much our soldiers are sacrificing for us and their countries.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a
man would lay down his life for his friends (John 15:13)

Memorial Day is a very special day to me. I am proud to be able to support all of our soldiers who have fought for our country and for those who are still fighting(my Husband included). I am eternally grateful for those who lost their lives in doing so.

Almost 4 years ago, I was a soldier as well. I had been to Iraq once and was back home doing some training with my unit in preparation of a second deployment when my future was altered forever. I was a passenger in a military vehicle and we had just slammed into the back of another truck. I don’t remember a lot about the accident except that I felt like I was twisted up like a pretzel and I briefly remember being in a helicopter. When things started to clear up, I found myself in a hospital bed in a trauma unit with my family (who lived 2500 miles away) at my bedside. I had broken several bones and was told that it would be at least 6 months before I would even be able to learn how to walk again. I was also told that I would be able to have kids but it would be hard and I would have to have a c-section. I felt so useless laying in that bed, only being able to move one arm but my family was very supportive and encouraging. They vowed to stay with me as long as I needed them, however; the next day, something horrific happened.

My oldest sister, who had flown out to be with me, had lost her 2 1/2 year old son in an accident back home and my entire family needed to fly back to lay him to rest. I was mad and didn’t understand how God could let so many bad things happen at once. I grieved for my sister and for her loss, and selfishly, I grieved for my loss.

The next 2 years brought good and bad times. I was still mad about what had happened, but I was happy because I had met a wonderful man who was really good to me and we had settled down and had found out that we were pregnant with a girl. When I was 6 months pregnant, I was medically retired from the Army.

In January, our beautiful daughter was born after 39 hours of labor(they decided not to do a c-section). Because it took so long, she came out barely breathing. She ended up spending the next 9 weeks in the hospital fighting for her life and then was sent home with a laundry list of special needs that she has. In a moment, it all became SO clear to me. Because of my accident and being medically retired, I am now able to stay home with my daughter to take care of her. My 2 years of therapies are nothing compared to the therapies that will have to have for the rest of her life. I feel as if God was preparing me for the things that I would have to help my daughter with. And I now know what it means to give your life, for the ones you love.

When Julie was almost 8 months old, my husband was deployed to Afghanistan. He has been gone for 9 months and 1 day now and I feel like I can truly support him and what he is doing because I have been there.

There are days when it gets hard, caring for a child with special needs while your husband is deployed but they are worth it and I know that it is all part of God’s greater plan.

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Born Free

The immigration debate has been in the forefront of the news these days.   Regardless of the position you take, it is indisputable that many have longed to live in America, the land of opportunity. Some have risked everything to escape tyranny and conditions in their homeland, finding courage in the thought of a better life on U.S. soil.

When Paul was facing the angry Jerusalem mob, his life was spared because of a centurion who cautioned others that Paul was a Roman.   In Acts 22:27-28 (NKJV) we find the subsequent conversation Paul had with the commander of the prison.

Asked if he was a Roman, Paul told the commander yes.  The commander answered, “With a large sum I obtained this citizenship.” And Paul said, “But I was born a citizen.”

Because of the weight of Roman citizenship and laws of that day, those who were about to examine him, withdrew.  Paul’s natural citizenship made a difference in how he was to be treated.

We are about to celebrate Memorial Day.  These verses resonated with me.   The first thing I thought of is that freedom costs something.  No one in this land would live in the kind of freedom we enjoy, if  someone hadn’t fought and given blood for it.

Many of us who were born here, take that for granted.  Many immigrants who have come here and gone through legal channels to gain citizenship appreciate  that history and are grateful for it.

Our citizenship in God’s kingdom was also bought with blood.   Jesus paid the ultimate price that we could live as God had created us in the beginning.  By His death and resurrection, we are now able to walk and talk with God and have full access to what is His.

When we have been given so much through the sacrifice of others, we have a profound responsibility to use our freedom wisely.

Both from a civic and spiritual perspective, we should use that freedom to make a difference.  Instead of living for our own selfish wants, we should look for ways to serve others and give generously.  We should stand against the unjust who would strip away someone’s body, soul, or human dignity.  We should look for ways to help others recognize they are loved by God because they see God in us.

We are not just saved for heaven, we are saved for earth.  This is our time to make a difference.   What if someone hadn’t made a difference for us by giving their life?  What if we don’t live our life to make a difference for someone else?

I say, “Let’s not just believe it.  Let’s show it in word and action!”  What do you think?

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Feeling a little sad today because I just heard Ruth passed away last Monday.  For those of you who missed my earlier post, I’m reposting it in honor of Ruth’s memory.  She changed my view of life in one God Moment. If you do nothing else today, read this.


I am always amazed at the ways God speaks to me.   When I’m listening, the message is so clear, even though it often comes to me in unexpected form.

That was the way it was a few days ago.  I was at a local rest home, conducting census business.   I was sitting at a table in the dining hall doing paper work.  Directly across from me was an elderly woman.   Ruth was confined to a wheel chair, and although alert, could not speak.   I greeted her warmly and continued with my work.

Later that morning, while walking to a room to interview a patient, I met Ruth again in the hallway.   As I passed, she reached for my hand.   Assuming that she just wanted my touch, I offered it.  She took my hand and brought it to her lips, planting a kiss.   Such a tender moment.

Feeling the profoundness of her loving act, I blessed her and continued on. As I walked, I to pondered what had just happened.

Later as I spoke with the administrator, I commented on Ruth.  He responded, “Whenever we”re feeling bad about ourselves,  or had a bad day, we stop and see Ruth.”

Later that evening, recalling this precious God moment, I was so humbled  it brought tears to my eyes.  You see, I had assumed she needed something from me.   Instead I saw a pure heart.  She had her own “stuff” to deal with, but was unaware of her trouble.  She was aware of someone else and reached out to them, asking for nothing in return.

To many, it would seem that her life was over.   After all, the quality was gone.  Or was it?  Ruth just was.  Her purpose was the same as ours.   To be who we are and show love to others.   She was completely Ruth in that moment.   No masks, not even cognizant of her own needs.  She was the face of God as she reached out to kiss the hand of a passer by.  She could not speak in an audible voice,  but her words resounded loud and clear in my heart.

I love you!  You are special!  I honor you with this kiss.   You are significant.  I noticed you.

How many times have I walked by the unloved without showing love?  How many times have I forgotten to tell someone how special they are to me?  How many times have I dishonored a person or relationship in my life?  How often have I treated someone as insignificant?  How often have I been so focused on myself and my needs, that I didn’t notice someone else?

The final question haunts me most of all.   How often do I give because I want something in return?  Money, recognition, approval, applause or whatever else I think I need at the moment.

I want to walk in the pureness of heart that Ruth had.   How about you?   Will you join me in this prayer?

Lord, create in me a pure heart.

Renew a right spirit in me.

Let me live in close communion with you so that I might be unaware of myself and totally aware of others.

Help me give to others the gifts I have been given, with no thought of what I might receive in return.

Let me be like Ruth.

Let me reach out to the ones who are passing by, kissing their hand with the kiss of God.


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Clean-up Strategy

Did you hear about a vacuum cleaner salesman/demonstrator at a home-show? He  dumped about $400 worth of legos on the floor space and then proceeded to tell all the women watching how easy it was to clean up after the kids–sucked the entire mess right up!

Sounds like a plan to me!

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Wait a Minute!

Exhaustion just comes with being a mom!  No matter how organized and together we are, there’s always more to be done in 24 hours then is humanly possible.

Wouldn’t it be great news if tomorrow we read that someone had discovered not only the fountain of youth, but of perpetual strength?  Wouldn’t most moms give almost anything if someone could bottle up some miraculous supply of unending energy?

Wait a minute!  Could it be true?  What if the secret is to wait? Haven’t you heard?

Isaiah 40:28-31 asks some of those same questions.  Let me summarize this passage for you.

A.  Our God never faints or grows weary.

B.  Our God gives power to the weary and multiplies strength in abundant measures.

C.  Our God recognizes that even the young become weary, stumble, and fall exhausted to the ground.

That’s exciting but the best is yet to come!

Drumroll please…………………………….

“But those who wait for the Lord(expect, look for, hope in) shall change and renew their strength and power:  they shall lift up their wings and mount up (close to God) as eagles mount up to the sun, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint or become tired.”

Feelin’ tired?  Look up, Look for, Expect and put your hope in your God who has an endless supply of energy.   Try it.  Right now, imagine you are an eagle.  Lift your arms, take a deep breath and imagine you are taking off, flying to the sun.

Flying to God, looking for, hoping in, and expecting Him to come through is what waiting is about.   What could change in your life if you waited on God more often?  What could you do to remind yourself everyday to Wait A Minute?

I’d love to hear your stories of what happened for you when you waited on Him.  Hope you’ll share them with us.

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God’s Song

It’s easy for a woman to feel unappreciated.  Our families are often clamoring for our constant attention, while paying very little mind to our needs.   Our work is often unnoticed.

To make matters worse, we’re often our worst critic.   We tend to focus on our weak spots. We can be very forgiving to others, while brutally unforgiving to ourselves.   It’s no wonder that most of us deal with feelings of loneliness, despair, and self-loathing.

If only we’d take a moment to stop, look, and listen, we might experience something quite different from the story we so often allow ourselves to believe. Zephaniah 3:17 tells us, “The Lord your God is in the midst of you, a Might One, a Savior! He will rejoice over you with joy; He will rest (in silent satisfaction) and in His love He will be silent and make no mention of past sins, or even recall them; He will exult over you with singing.”

Just imagine it!   God….ALMIGHTY GOD is right in the middle of it all.  We are not alone.   He is strong enough to cover our weakness.   He is quick to save us.  He does not consider our past sin or mistakes worth mentioning.   He satisfied in His love for us.   It causes him to rejoice over us.    His song over us is one of great pleasure and triumph.   How could we ask for more?

As you move through your day, don’t forget to listen.   God’s song is in the air! What do you hear God singing to you? What could happen if you danced with God as He sang over you?

Try it and tell me what happens.

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Living Without FEAR

About 8 years ago, during a very difficult time in our families life, I learned about living without fear.  Today I was reminded again.

There are a lot of things that cause us to be afraid.   Some are real and some are perceived.   Whatever our reasons for being afraid, if we let ourselves become focused on them, fear will rule our life.

Psalms 27 tells us the key to living without fear.  Verse 3 Amp) says:  “Though a host encamp against me, my heart shall not fear: though war arise against me (even then) in this will I be confident:

Verse 4 tells us we can be confident and live without fear, because we are seeking and focused on Him.  When we live from a place of requiring and asking for His presence, gazing on His beauty, fear leaves.   When we meditate, consider and inquire of Him, we see things from His perspective.

During the most difficult storm in our life, we found vs. 5 to be absolutely true.  We knew this on every level– spirit, soul, and body.  It is the reason Paul and Silas could sing in prison.   “For in the day of trouble, He will hide me in His shelter; in the secret place of His tent will He hide me; He will set my feet high upon a rock.”

When we recognize His presence is vital to living, and run to Him, we will find ourselves triumphing over fear.   He becomes our light and salvation, refuge, and the stronghold of our life.  His perfect love casts out fear.

So, what are you afraid of?   What could change if you chose to focus on Him instead of your fears? What steps can you take today, to do that?

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Every day, I ask God what to write for a mini-moment.  I was a little surprised by today’s word.  I’m talking to myself as well as all you.

In my own life, I’ve questioned and struggled, knowing I had a ministry but not knowing what it was.  A few months ago, I found this scripture and God brought it back to me today.  Paul tells us exactly what  all believers are called to in II Corinthians 5:18-20.

Verse 18 says(KJV):  “And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation.”

Uh, oh!  What does that look like?  Verse 19 goes on to tell us Christ reconciled us unto God, not holding our trespasses against us and that He has committed that word to us.

When we are hurt, wounded, or angry because of someone’s behavior or injustice, God has prepared a room for reconciliation in His kingdom.   Think about someone in your life you need to offer this ministry to.   Here’s a few things  I imagine we might find as we choose to enter this room.

1.  A re-inactment of Jesus death. I’m almost certain we would hear the words play over and over, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

2. A Book of Trespasses. As we opened it and looked inside, we’d discover a section with our name on it.   Surprisingly, the pages would be blank, though we had messed up over and over again.

On the table that holds the book, we would discover the final key to complete our ministry.

3.  A bowl of blood and a large paint brush. You might have guessed by now that the bowl holds  the blood of Jesus.   It’s through that blood, that the pages in our section of the book our blank.  It is through that same blood that we can pick up that brush and apply what we’ve been given to those who need our offering of forgiveness including ourselves.

So I leave us all with these questions:  What do you feel as you remember that you have been forgiven by God?  Who do you need to bring the message of reconciliation to?  What has been the result of your holding on to their trespasses in your life and their lives ?  What could happen if you were willing to pick up the paint brush and cover their page with the forgiveness you have been given?

“Forgive us this day our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

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The Inheritance Room

Before Jesus died he read His will to the disciples.  OK….not a literal will, but He plainly told them what He was bequeathing them.  And He’s plainly told us that this inheritance is ours as well.

John 14:27(Amplified) “Peace I leave with you; My own peace I now give and bequeath to you. —Do not let your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”

Sounds great, right?  I know.  When everything seems to be falling apart it’s not easy to feel peaceful.  But it is possible.

That verse, Psalm 119:165,  and Isaiah 26:3 have some keys to peace. I’m paraphrasing them below.

1. Stop allowing yourself to be agitated, disturbed.  Don’t permit yourself to be fearful and intimidated, cowardly, and unsettled. (John 14:27,Amplified)

2. Love His law (precepts, statutes) Psalm 119:165

3.  Set your mind(both in desire and character) on Christ. Isaiah 26:3 (Amplified)

When you’re given an inheritance you have to open your hand and take it.  Sometimes an inheritance depends on conditions.  Jesus gave us peace that would last no matter what is happening in our lives.  But we have to choose to receive it.    That’s the key to living in the room of peace.   Peace requires action.     Stop allowing yourself to walk without peace.  Desire Him. Walk in His precepts and character.  And  as Isaiah 26:3 says commit yourself to Him, lean on Him, and hope confidently in Him.

Peace be with you!

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Mini-Moment–Like a Child

Been around a newborn baby lately?  A toddler running and playing?  Wish you were that carefree again?

In some ways, God doesn’t want us to grow up.  In fact, the room of childlikeness is one of the places He’s prepared for us.

In Matthew 18:3, Jesus tells his disciples(my paraphrase from the Amplified): This is the truth!  Unless you change, turn about (repent), and become like little children(trusting, loving, forgiving, unpretentious), you can never enter the kingdom of heaven.

Think about that!  Childhood is such a reflection of who God made us to be.  They cry when they need something.  They know they can’t fix their hunger, change their dirty diaper, buy their own clothes, or get their on drink of water.    They depend on their parent for that.  They laugh at the smallest things.   They are trusting even of people they don’t know unless they’ve been taught differently.   They are resilient and forgiving.  And even from a few months old they know love giving and receiving kisses!

Stand in front of the mirror.  Look at yourself–not so much at your physical appearance, but at your inside.  Where have you moved away from that childlikeness? What do you need to do to regain it?  What is stopping you?

If it were not possible, Jesus wouldn’t have told us we needed to become like children.   I think it’s a three step process.  It’s not easy because we have to learn to let go of “adult” thinking.  But here it is.

A.  Accept God–Ask and accept His forgiveness as you decide to turn from attitudes and actions that hold you back.

B.  Accept Yourself–Understand that you are OK!  When a child does something wrong, he may pout or cry for a few minutes.  Then he sets it aside and plays again!   Give yourself permission to be less than perfect.

C.  Accept Others–Look at others through childlike eyes.  See the good in them.  Choose to forgive.

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