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There was a vulnerable moment in the workshop I did last night.  As we were discussing the masks we wear and the stage of transition we were in, one of the moms who had been fairly quiet broke into tears.

She hadn’t been able to decide where she was at and as she poured out her heart we created a new category just for her!  We decided together that she was in a state of OVERWHELMED!

Ever felt that way?  I sure have.  Everything in our life seems upside down, twisted, and out of sync! Sometimes, we feel so alone, so abandoned.

I woke up with this mom of a special needs child on my mind this morning.  It’s hard enough being a mom period, and I can’t imagine all the extra caring for someone with unbelievable needs is like.  It occurred to me that most days we are oblivious to the burdens and challenges of others.

My heart is heavy for moms this morning. There are moms of so many colors.  Single moms, married, married to unbelievers,moms of special needs kids, military moms, working moms, home school moms…..the list can go forever. I am asking myself, “How can I help?  What are the needs?”

As I am in the planning stages for a nationwide launch of Moms On Mission, one thing is clear.  I can’t do this alone! We are in this together!   We are the church and we are commanded to bear one another’s burden.  I am looking for others to join me in contributing and carrying out the vision God is giving me for Moms.

Here’s what I need from you.

a. Pray about your own heart for moms and how you might join my team to help others.  What would you want to bring to moms?  What kind of mom do you have a heart for?

b. Prayer support-pray that I will have clear direction and wisdom to implement all that Moms is to be.

c. Complete the survey–let me know what you want from Moms http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/H9XM8VJ

d.  Contact me–go to my website: http://www.connectedlifecoaching.com/ and fill out the contact form.  In the comment box, share your heart for moms and how you would like to help them.

e.  Pray for moms.  Pray for their needs to be met, financially, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  Pray for them as they raise the next generation of Christ followers.  Pray for them as they influence their families, friends, church, and community as they live out God’s call on their lives.

“Father, in Jesus name, I pray for every person reading this.  You have a mission for Moms On Mission and each one of them.  You are calling us to be a holy influence on others as we connect them to God, their identity and purpose, and each other.  You are calling us to make a difference in our circle of life. It is bigger than me.  It’s bigger than all of us.  We can only succeed by the power of your Holy Spirit within us.  Come Holy Spirit, come! Amen.”

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Raise Your Right Hand

To be a witness in a courtroom, you’re instructed to place your left hand on the Bible and raise your right and repeat, “I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.”

When it comes to speaking the truth to ourselves, that just might be a good pledge to make.  Every day, we are faced with a choice to live our lives in truth.  It is easy to project ourselves in public to put on the best face.  In private and public we often live based on our perceptions of ourselves rather than who we actually are.

If we want to be “real” and live out of our true identity, we must tell ourselves the truth letting go of our lies and false beliefs about ourselves.

Here’s a few of the lies we hide behind:

a. Grown Ups Don’t Cry:  Many of us stuff our emotions and pain in an effort to appear grown up, tough, and independent.  This action is our resistance to being vulnerable.

b.  I Must Be Perfect:  This lie of perfection causes us to avoid doing or trying things for fear of failure.  It can be a source of validation for us as we project the “perfect” image of a good wife, mother, woman, Christian, etc. when in reality not everything is perfect.

c.  Excuse Me:  This lie says there is a reason why I’m like I am.  Instead of moving forward we are stuck in some aspect of our past.  Rather than embracing the lesson and letting go of the past, we cling to the past as an excuse to justify whatever is happening in our lives.  It keeps us in a state of avoidance of the real us, replacing it with the I can’t, I won’t, I don’t and I’m not false perceptions.

d.  Religiousity:  This lie exchanges personal relationship with God with religious acts.  We can become involved in every Bible Study, Conference, or even some semblance of  spiritual discipline and still not have an intimate relationship with Jesus.  We can hide behind good works or our spiritual gifts and keep ourselves so busy we don’t have time to think about every day life. We can blame it all on the devil instead of accepting our own personal responsibility.

These are just a few lies we can hide behind.  Here is the truth!

There is nothing WRONG with where are are at!  What is wrong is not embracing where you are and moving forward.

Moms is inviting you to raise your right hand with ours as we put it in the hand of God and repeat this prayer.

“God, I want to live in the truth.  I’m asking you to  help me by showing me the lies in my life.  I am asking you to reveal the truth of who you designed me to be so I can set aside the things that were not meant to be part of my identity.   I am committing to take time to listen, reflect, and learn from the words you speak to my heart. By the power of your Holy Spirit, I will put into action the truth you’ve revealed for my life!”  AMEN!

Hope you’ll share the truth God shows you.

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