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I love the power of testimony.  If you don’t understand that, it’s the power of being inspired and learning from someone’s story or experience.  The scripture is full of story and they have some very profound lessons for life.

Nehemiah 9:15 is a great example.  Talking about the experience of the children of Israel and Moses in the wilderness it tells us:  “You gave them bread from heaven for their hunger and brought water for them out of the rock for their thirst: and you told them to go in and possess the land You had sworn to given them.”

When I read a scripture, I always ask, How does that apply to my life now?   

Here’s what I see in this verse.

1.  God is a provider.   He understood that the Israelites needed food and water if they were going to complete the journey.  He knew their needs.

2.  When He provides, He goes above and beyond.   He will bring what we need straight from heaven or out of a rock if need be.  He is not limited by the natural.  He has the power to create and release the right provision at the right time for our need at that moment.

3.  He has a reason for provision.  God is not a genie in a bottle that operates to grant us our ever wish or desire.  When He provides He has a purpose in it.  It is so we can go and possess the land He has given us.

Love that last one for a couple reasons.  First, it’s a promise!  God has given each of His children a land to possess.  This promised land is a land of wholeness.   It represents our access to all that God has for us and sharing that access with others.  It’s a land of being and serving the purposes of heaven.

God gives us all we need but then tells us to go possess it.

Maybe your marriage needs to enter the land of wholeness.   Maybe you need better parenting skills or have a child who has a need.  Maybe your job or business is lacking in provision or fulfillment.   Maybe you are hurting from the past or  need healing in body or soul.

Whatever your need, God has provided.  God doesn’t want us to live in broken lives.  Reach out and take His provision and then go possess the promised place of wholeness.

What has God provided to you so you can move toward wholeness in your life?

What step can you take today to use that provision and possess the thing you want to see changed?


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Pure in Heart

I am always amazed at the ways God speaks to me.   When I’m listening, the message is so clear, even though it often comes to me in unexpected form.

That was the way it was a few days ago.  I was at a local rest home, conducting census business.   I was sitting at a table in the dining hall doing paper work.  Directly across from me was an elderly woman.   Ruth was confined to a wheel chair, and although alert, could not speak.   I greeted her warmly and continued with my work.

Later that morning, while walking to a room to interview a patient, I met Ruth again in the hallway.   As I passed, she reached for my hand.   Assuming that she just wanted my touch, I offered it.  She took my hand and brought it to her lips, planting a kiss.   Such a tender moment.

Feeling the profoundness of her loving act, I blessed her and continued on. As I walked, I to pondered what had just happened.

Later as I spoke with the administrator, I commented on Ruth.  He responded, “Whenever we”re feeling bad about ourselves,  or had a bad day, we stop and see Ruth.”

Later that evening, recalling this precious God moment, I was so humbled  it brought tears to my eyes.  You see, I had assumed she needed something from me.   Instead I saw a pure heart.  She had her own “stuff” to deal with, but was unaware of her trouble.  She was aware of someone else and reached out to them, asking for nothing in return.

To many, it would seem that her life was over.   After all, the quality was gone.  Or was it?  Ruth just was.  Her purpose was the same as ours.   To be who we are and show love to others.   She was completely Ruth in that moment.   No masks, not even cognizant of her own needs.  She was the face of God as she reached out to kiss the hand of a passer by.  She could not speak in an audible voice,  but her words resounded loud and clear in my heart.

I love you!  You are special!  I honor you with this kiss.   You are significant.  I noticed you.

How many times have I walked by the unloved without showing love?  How many times have I forgotten to tell someone how special they are to me?  How many times have I dishonored a person or relationship in my life?  How often have I treated someone as insignificant?  How often have I been so focused on myself and my needs, that I didn’t notice someone else?

The final question haunts me most of all.   How often do I give because I want something in return?  Money, recognition, approval, applause or whatever else I think I need at the moment.

I want to walk in the pureness of heart that Ruth had.   How about you?   Will you join me in this prayer?

Lord, create in me a pure heart.

Renew a right spirit in me.

Let me live in close communion with you so that I might be unaware of myself and totally aware of others.

Help me give to others the gifts I have been given, with no thought of what I might receive in return.

Let me be like Ruth.

Let me reach out to the ones who are passing by, kissing their hand with the kiss of God.


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